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Home > Sky Help Question 1 My Sky will not come on.Answer. Take the plug out and leave your sky off for about 5 mins then put the plug back in then wait for about 3 mins before switching on.

Question 2. I'm only receiving half my channels (eg getting BBC1 but not getting ITV) firstly try number 1, if that does not work it sounds like your LNB has gone on your dish if you wish you can order from Compusat or from Sky only try fitting youself if you feel confident in fitting it yourself .

Question 3. I want to watch my Sky in another Room.Answer. Their are two ways of doing this you can use wirless senders (this means you dont have to use wires) The other way is to use a wire wich plugs into the Rf2 socket in the back of you sky box, plug the other end into your other tv and magic eye (so that you are able to switch channels in the other room) just make sure that you switch the RF2 on in the menu to do this go to services on your remote control press the number 4 then 001 and select look for RF outlets and make sure it is switched on, on the other tv and tune in.

Question 4 I have been asked if i want cover for my Sky Box. Answer. Be carefull with this one their aresome companys out there act as if they are SKY. If you are unshore please phone Sky customer services or your local SKY dealer (by the time you have paid for all the insurance it would be cheaper to get a new SKY box) also check if you are already covered with your home insurance or weither it can be extended to your SKY box

Question 5 I get pixels when it rains. Answer. This is an easy one you need your dish repointing (it can sometimes be the tuner inside you SKY box). Sometimes with wind and rain trades people with ladders can nock your dish, again you can have a go yourself only if you feel confident. If not call your local dealer or Sky direct.

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