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Q1 My Computer is Slow. Answer . Firstly defrag your computer to do this go to my computer, click on the hard drive once then click on the right hand part of your mouse and go down to properties, go to tools and click on defrag, if this has not been done for a long time this might take a long time. The next thing todo is clear out your temporary files todo this go to My Computer click on the hard drive with the a right click , click on properties and go to the general tab and go to disk cleanup, when this is done click every box and press ok at the bottom. This can be done monthly or even weekly just depending on how you use your computer.

Q2 My computer is slow to start up. Answer. Look for run on your computer (in windows vista and severn this is in accessories) click on run and type msconfig and go to startup (THIS IS VERY IMPORTENT DO NOT UNTICK ANY OTHER BOX UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOUR COMPUTER MIGHT NOT START UP) and untick all the application you do not wish to start up at startup, you can untick every box in this menu and it would not affect your computer, but you do wish some applications to startup eg anti virus, we are not deleting application we are just stopping them from starting up at the time your computer starts up.

Q3 My Computer has a Virus. Answer. Firstly do not panic this may not be a virus but a fake anti virus that may be going round this may be stopped by using the instructions in question 2, make sure your anti virus is upto date and scan, when this has been done use the instructions in question 1 then scan your computer with a program like malarwarbytes. some virus's and spyware take two or three diffrent programs to get rid of these pests.

Help for your Computer

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